5 Frames - Austria With The Nikon F5 And 50mm f1.2

The images in this post are from a 3 day trip to Austria with a group of colleagues (similar to the trip to Ibiza). I took the Nikon F5 with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 attached with me and took a couple of shots on site. The film that I tried out on these days is Kodak Pro Image 100 and Rollei RPX 25 (which I did not yet develop).

With the 50mm I either have a problem nailing focus at f/1.2, or it is not very sharp at that fast aperture. Stopped down, it looks plenty sharp to me, though.

The site in Austria was ”Almdorf Seinerzeit”, which is a set of two small “villages” on a hillside, consisting of guest housing, swimming pools, sauna and other amenities. Between those two “villages”, there is the main building with reception and restaurant.

Right around the “corner”, you can find the ”Biosphärenpark Nockberge”, which invites you to go a bit of a hike. After my experience with Ibiza, I decided to be lazy and stay near the “village”. Some quiet time (everyone else was on a hike or riding mountain bikes), fresh air and the landscape: Relaxing.

The only noise to disturb the silence was the click of the shutter.

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