5 Frames - Double X-Rated

  • Where: At a lake in Bavaria.
  • Camera:  Yashica FX 3 Super 2000
  • Lens: Sigma XQ 70-230 Macro f/4.5
  • Film: Kodak Double X

Just a few hours before I developed the first roll of Kodak Double X, I read somewhere that this type of Cine-B&W-Film-Stock has next to no latitude. This, the article said, forces you to get the exposure exactly right. Otherwise, you won’t end up with anything satisfactory. The negatives came out very dense. I guess I missed the ideal exposure by a little bit and over-exposed the images. I scan the negatives “raw” and convert them to positive in DxO PhotoLab 3. Normally, I need to correct exposure by something around 2 stops during conversion. That is just how my process is. In this case, the negatives came out so bright, even an exposure compensation of 4 stops (the maximum that DxO PhotoLab 3 allows in one go) was not enough. I had to abuse the tone curves quite a bit. In the end, I do like the resulting images. The grain is acceptable and they are somewhat moody.

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