5 Frames - Tegernsee Expired

  • Where: Tegernsee
  • Camera: Pentax 67 MLU
  • Lens: SMC Takumar 105mm f/2.4
  • Film: Kodak Portra 400 VC (expired)
  • Scan: Nikon Super Coolscan 9000

A winter visit to Rottach-Egern at Lake Tegernsee (not to be confused with the town called Tegernsee). I brought the Pentax 67 MLU and a few rolls of expired Portra 400 VC that I shot at about ISO 25 if I remember correctly. The images in this blog post are from two different rolls, one processed normally and one pushed by 2 stops because I had another roll of Portra 160 to develop that needed 2 stops pushing and I usually develop in pairs. Interestingly, after scanning, it seems to not make that much difference. 

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