5 Frames - That’s Messed Up Yo

  • Where: Somewhere in Bavaria
  • Camera: Nikon F6
  • Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.2
  • Film: Fuji Eterna RDI

A short walk around town to get some fresh air and snap some shots. This was one of the first rolls of Fuji Eterna RDI that I shot in real-world conditions. I messed up the development (it was either the Rem-Jet removal overnight or messing up the order of the chemicals when mixing the developer) and the exposure time was a bit too short. In general, the images came out very faint and with a strong color cast. Converted to B&W to see if I can get some kind of interesting image out of this mess. Some frames still have some Rem-Jet residue on them.

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