6 Frames - Cine York - Scrape The Sky

  • Where: New York
  • Camera: Nikon 35 TI
  • Film: Cinestill 400D
  • Scan: Nikon Super Coolscan 9000

A while ago I had another opportunity to visit New York. The developed rolls are already tucked away in their archival sleeves and the scans burn a hole into the disk space on my computer. When I saw the results for the first time, I had mixed feelings: Some of the rolls had suffered from the X-ray scans that they had to endure. Many images showed bright areas from what I think is the result of harsh light and no lens hood available for the Nikon 35 TI. Some rolls looked like there were accidents during development, even though all chemicals seemed to work fine for other rolls before and after. I have spent some time culling those rolls that I deemed unusable and ended up with enough images that it seemed to be sensible to group them into film stock and lose topics. This post is the first of two parts that present images from four rolls of Cinestill 400D. Topic: Skyscrapers.

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