6 Frames - Eibsee With The Fuji GW690 III

“What? 6 frames? SIX frames? But… but… but… it should only be 5! FIVE!”, you scream in horror. Well, maybe you don’t, but I’ll let my imagination run wild for a moment. As with every post, I started with the whole collection of images that I shot at the “event”, and then threw out the unlikely candidates. I ended up with these 6 frames and had a hard time to get rid of one more image. So I didn’t.

Following my adventures on the peak of the Zugspitze, I followed up with a walk around the Eibsee. This lake is at the foot of the mountain, and given the gorgeous weather, it would have been a waste to go home directly after reaching rock bottom.

Now that I have one more image than originally planned in this post, I need a bit more filler text to avoid overwhelming your eyes with all the colourful imagery. (You did not expect me to write all this so you have something to read, did you?) The avid picture viewer might have noticed a lot of lake-imagery lately. I am trying to do something for my physical and mental health, and I find walking around lakes calming and relaxing. There you have it: I am fat and insane.

Enough about me: The cameras that I took with me were the same as in the previous post (”5 Frames - Zugspitze With The Fuji GW690 III”), of course. A Fuji GW690 III and my trusty Leica M6. The pictures in this post are from the Fuji and were taken on Fuji NPS 160, a film stock I generally like quite a bit. Unfortunately it seems to be out of production and remaining stock is getting more and more expensive.

Now I am out of things to tell you. Maybe you are interested in learning, that walking around a mountain lake has its ups and downs

I still have the images I took with the Leica M6 on the Zugspitze and around the Eibsee in the pipeline. And I have to come up with more filler text. This will be hard.

Enjoy the images!


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