6 Frames - Leica F6

  • Where: At a lake somewhere in Bavaria
  • Camera: Nikon F6
  • Lens: Leica Summicron-R 90mm f/2 (F-mount conversion)
  • Film: Expired Agfa APX 100
  • Scan: Nikon Super Coolscan 9000

What do you get when you mount a Leica lens on a Nikon F6 body? I will leave the answer for the reader to figure out. For me, it is a solution to the desire for a portrait lens in the 85-90mm focal length area, combined with a pleasant, comfortable shooting experience. I enjoy shooting with the Nikon F6. I enjoy shooting with the Leica M6. I love Leica lenses, but at least for the M-mount, the prices are prohibitive. But what about R-mount Leica lenses? I recently saw a Leica R-mount lens mounted to a Nikon F3 on one of the Youtube channels that I am subscribed to (@grainydays, I blame you and my GAS for the following purchase), and a bit of digging around “the bay” uncovered an offer for a 90mm f/2 Summicron-R complete with F-mount conversion and all parts to convert it back to R-mount at a reasonable price. As soon as the package arrived at my doorstep, I stuffed a roll of expired Agfa APX 100 into the Nikon F6, mounted the lens (to the camera), and rode out to the prairie (well, a nearby lake) to take some test shots. At that time it was winter, the days were short, it was late, and the weather was overcast. The F-mount conversion meant that the lens would not automatically stop down when triggering the shutter, but instead would be glued to the chosen f-stop all the time. Even a few stops down from f/2 meant that I could barely see anything when framing my subjects. So I shot everything wide open at f/2.

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