Experiments With Fuji Eterna CI

Fuji Eterna CI is another intermediate film stock for cinematographic purposes. Unlike Fuji Eterna RDI, which I tested in a previous post, it is not meant to be written by an Arrilaser. Nonetheless, I wasn’t able to find a reliable number for ISO for this film, so I took another set of test images. Having learned a little from previous such endeavors, I included a post-it with the camera settings in each photo. Given that the scene is mostly white, with a little bit of black from the color chart, I did the following steps after developing the film:

  • Scan with the Nikon CoolScan LS 9000 and VueScan set to directly save the RAW negative (including dust removal).
  • Post-process in DxO PhotoLab 3: Convert to positive Adjust the exposure to get the histogram evenly spread. Level the R, G, and B histograms.

This way I get roughly the same brightness for each image. In addition, looking at the R, G, and B histogram before leveling, provides an impression of how bad the color cast probably will be in real-life scenarios. I then give my unprofessional judgment on the resulting images by looking at the bright and dark areas, with a focus on the latter.

To my eyes, and with my memories of the histograms, ISO 1.5 to ISO 0.75 look reasonable for Fuji Eterna CI. The yellow-ish color cast is partially due to my laziness and roughly leveling the R, G, and B histograms.

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