5 Frames - Almdorf Seinerzeit On Rollei RPX 25

This is part 2 of ”Austria With The Nikon F5 And 50mm f1.2”, where I shared five frames taken on Kodak ProImage 100 with you. For this set of five frames, I gave a roll of Rollei RPX 25 a try at the same location and with the same camera.

It is the slowest film stock that I have used, so far, and it came out with strong contrast right out of the box. For all the images in this post, I did only minor corrections.

I like a bit of extra contrast in black and white images, but a flatter film stock would give me more headroom. It has been written (I forgot where), that it is easier to add contrast than to take it out.

A reason for me to use this film more, despite the strong contrast, is the very fine and subtle grain. My recent experience with CineStill B&W XX is the direct opposite grain-wise. It has fine, but very “in your face” grain. I prefer the understated variation of the Rollei RPX 25. It provides a better sense of resolution and makes it easier to judge the “sharpness” of the image.

I have tried out a couple of black and white film stocks over my short time as an analogue photographer, but as of now have failed to find a favourite. Rollei RPX 25 is a strong contender for that position, but I am not sure yet. There are more products out there to try. And try, I will.

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